Thursday, March 27, 2014

Organized Bill Pay {and a Printable!}

This is probably the simplest method of keeping track of bill pay to ever exist...but why would you want to make it complicated? All it takes is a binder and my bill tracker printable.

Every single time a bill arrives in the mail, I put it in the pocket of our finances binder (that way it doesn't get mixed up with other papers...or thrown in the trash). 

Then, I immediately fill out the bill info on the printable. The list makes it so much easier to see what is coming up, rather than having to go back through each individual paper. I list our bills that are on auto-pay as well, just to keep up!

After the bill is paid, I put a check mark in the paid column, remove the bill from the binder and file it (for easy file organization click here). 

Download the bill tracker printable here.
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  1. Well, that's a good bill tracker! I'm the worst when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I always have to write and organize everything, otherwise I sink into the sea of disaster :P
    Great blog, Stephanie :)

    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

    1. Thanks Lottie! I'm the same way...have to write it down!

  2. Nice! I am liking the printable----pinned it..